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DID YOU KNOW your purchases can earn you MadamMoney reward points that help you SAVE on future orders?

How Do I Earn MadamMoney?

All you need is an online Madam Kratom account with a valid username and password. With an online Madam Kratom account, purchases you make online or over the phone earn you MadamMoney automatically. This means that if you already have an account, you’re already earning!

Don’t yet have one? Get your account HERE before placing your next order and SAVE!

Which Purchases Earn Me Points?

Any online or over-the-phone purchase from Madam Kratom earns you MadamMoney. The only exceptions are in-store purchases or o rders using MadamMoney as full or partial payment (in other words, you won’t accrue MadamMoney on a purchase made with MadamMoney).

How Do I See My Points?

To see and manage your points, simply log in to MY ACCOUNT at the top-right of the screen and click My MadamMoney (on desktops, this button is located under the “Other Features” heading; on mobile devices, it’s situated at the bottom of the screen). Points become available 48 hours after a purchase is processed.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Easy! Go to your MadamMoney account (instructions above). Now, enter the number of points you want to redeem in the field next to the REDEEM NOW button. Once the amount is entered, click the button. Your points will be redeemed automatically on your next purchase (you’ll see your savings on the checkout page).

How Much is MadamMoney worth?

For every dollar you spend excluding tax and shipping, you earn 1 point (i.e. $100 = 100 points).

For every 20 points you redeem, you receive $1 in store credit.

Protip: Orders that use points as payment don’t accrue points. Therefore, to get the most out MadamMoney, it’s always best to save up your points and use them all on a single order!

Do Points Expire?

Points are redeemable for one year (up to 365 days after the purchase from which they were earned). After one year, they expire and will no longer appear in your account.

Still Have Questions?

Check out our full Terms and Conditions here.