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600g Custom Variety Pack
600g Custom Variety Pack

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Product Code: MK-015

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Introducing our newest addition - Wild Red and Wild Golden; rare leaves sustainably harvested from mature trees found in the Kalimantan region. Also found deep in the rainforests of Kalimantan - our Golden and Green Horns are of a rare variety of kratom. Try our fine-grind Hulus from the beautiful “Kapuas Hulu” preserve on Borneo Island. Our Maeng Da variety also boast a micro-fine consistency.

x 100g bags*
*if you order 300g of the same strain = 2 x 300g bag (unless otherwise specified in your order)

Research Suitability: Comparative organic solvent extraction of alkaloidal constituents – compare alkaloids extracted using different solvents as well as alkaloid content with different kratom varieties. Component separation by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography or Thin Layer Chromatography. Differential separation, identification and isolation of known compounds for comparison with either different Mitragyna spp. or other closely related taxa. Molecular characterization and identification of isolated constituents by IR spectroscopy and/or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – analytical chemistry. In-Vitro studies of effects on isolated or cultured tissues (eg. Pig ileum cells) or binding assays on isolated neuronal receptors to determine putative physiological effects. Examination of subtrate-ligand binding mechanisms, affinities and dissociation constants (Kd). Not intended or authorized for in-vivo veterinary use. Suitable for use as botanical specimen for collections.